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Irydeo-300 (CFF RC12)

Irydeo-300 is the main telescope and heart of the observatory, it is a 12" telescope, with a pure Ritchey-Chretien design, specially created by CFF Telescopes.


This instrument is completely designed and assembled in Europe, with a carbon-fiber structure that minimizes all negative effects that thermal changes generate in optical tubes.


Its focal length is 2.4 meters (f/8 ratio), CFF supplies an interferometric test of the mirrors:

Irydeo-300 Optics

It offers a field completely corrected of 60mm, when used in conjunction with the built-in flattener, designed specifically for it. However, without the flattener, the field is also perfectly flat for the 18mm required by the observatory's CCD sensor, which is ideal for photometry and spectroscopy.


In order to reduce its focal length when needed, I use the popular Astro Physics 0.67x telescopes (CFF is designing a focal reducer 0.8x approx, which will offer a completely flat field of 44mm), more than enough for the 18mm required my QHY22, which allows to work at 1600mm. Its behavior is correct, without introducing aberrations in the field of the CCD (in the OAG field there is certain field curvature).

It incorporates a Feather Touch 3.2" focuser, motorized and remotely controlled by Seletek Platyplus by Lunatico via Ethernet.

Other interesting details are that it incorporates heaters for both mirrors, so we avoid the fogging in winter, and fans, controlled by ZeroDew and Platyplus (PinByPin) respectively, allowing, along with its truss design, a quick acclimatation.

Irydeo-300 back

Actually an instrument with which I am very satisfied, without questions I can see how CFF Telescopes is getting a deserved reputation of premium brand, its finishes, mechanics and optics are great and the direct deal with Catalin is simply exquisite and unbeatable, both before and after the sale.